Armin Geiger – Therapist

Armin Geiger, LMFT, LPCC - Therapist

About Armin

That’s pronounced “Arm-in.” I use gender pronouns he/him/his. The German meaning of my name is “protective.” Hence, it comes as no surprise that helping others is my true passion.

Skills for change

If you’re in a troubled or unhappy relationship or marriage, you have come to the right place. Also, if you are about to get married and want to address a few things before you do, you too have come to the right place.

I can help you resolve issues, learn new skills on how to communicate and manage conflict (just to name a few) and provide guidance as you improve your relationship or marriage.

Profound transformations

If you are feeling depressed, anxious, or traumatized, you have come to the right place. If you are struggling with LGBT+ issues, want to grow, become stronger, or define yourself, you have come to the right place.

I can help you identify and define the changes you want to make, then support you through that process with respect and compassion.

What I like about being a therapist

It is during moments of being therapeutically “in the zone,” when truly remarkable thoughts are created, dots are connected, and profound emotions surface –  this is when growth takes place and changes are sparked that will transform you and your life.

When working with couples, the most rewarding times are moments when partners feel deeply and intensely connected, understood, valued, and loved. My passion is fueled by having couples experience those moments and transform their relationships. 

How my practice got started

Before I established Affirmative Counseling and Therapy, I was a clinical supervisor for mental health at a 24-hour children’s emergency shelter. Some of my prior jobs included working for a substance use treatment program and a psychiatric facility for teens.

Ever since getting licensed, my goal was to have my own private practice. When the opportunity presented itself, I took the (rather scary) step, quit my job, and opened up shop. It has been an amazing journey and experience!

The other life

Outside my private practice, I enjoy mountain biking, collecting mechanical wrist-watches, the arts, and acting for the German Theater Group of San Diego.

Some of the things I value

I value diversity, different backgrounds, cultures, perspectives, and mindsets. Embracing and learning from others has profoundly shaped me. Furthermore, it has allowed me to successfully relate to my clients.

And that means I can better help you.

Experience and activities

Explore and learn

My professional experience includes working with community agencies, substance treatment facilities, and mental health residential treatment centers. I have enjoyed working with individuals, couples, and families from all walks of life.

The art and science of helping others

One of my passions is teaching, hence, I am excited to occasionally guest-lecture at University of California San Diego (UCSD) and University of Southern California’s (USC) School of Social Work. As part of the San Diego County CADRE initiative, I provide training for the SDSU Academy for Professional Excellence.

My background

Driven to succeed

Born and raised in Switzerland, I moved to Oxford, England, for a while after high school. A few years later, I arrived in San Diego, California, all by myself, with a determination to get a degree and to become the best I can. I went on to earn two master’s degrees and opened up my first private practice in San Diego. I am currently licensed to practice in Texas and California.

A career path with twists

As life has it, my career path has taken a few turns over the years. Prior to establishing my private therapy practice, I held positions with a variety of startup companies, executive positions in marketing, private education, and nonprofit consulting. Ultimately, my passion for helping others led me to become a licensed psychotherapist.

Experience You Can Trust


  • Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Specialist

    CBT is a very effective, short-term approach to therapy. It is grounded in the present and addresses issues by examining the connection between thoughts, behaviors, and emotions.

  • Certified Treatment Specialist for Diverse Populations

    The specialist integrates diverse knowledge and skills into therapy. Some of the aspects are age, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, national origin, gender, and more.

Training and Memberships


  • LMFT

    A Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist looks at behaviors that arise from relationships. In essence, our interactions and relationships with those around us have a profound impact on our behavior and mental well-being. I became a LMFT in 2010.

  • LPCC

    A Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor examines issues from an individual standpoint. The focus is on a person’s overall fabric of life, including cultural context, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status. I became a LPCC in 2013.


  • MA IN Counseling psychology

    The degree provides a broad and thorough foundation in the field. To become a licensed LMFT or LPCC requires additional specialized training that includes at least 3,000 supervised clinical hours.

  • MS IN e-commerce

    Before I joined the helping profession, I obtained a Master’s degree in Electronic Commerce. My undergraduate degree is a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a Minor in Communications.

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